What Are The Latest Features on Microsoft Teams?


Since its launch in 2016, Microsoft Teams has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of users. The latest version of Teams includes several new features that are designed to make collaboration easier and more efficient.

If you’re a fan of Teams, you’ll be pleased to know that the latest features include even more ways to collaborate with your colleagues.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features:


iOS app improvements – Microsoft have updated the usability and notification performance to make the Teams app seem smoother and more reliable. Microsoft Teams have added a notification drawer which allows the user to see messages within a meeting.

The notification drawer will pop down from the top of the screen. The user has the option to press the arrow to preview the message, collapse them or clear all the messages in one tap to reduce clutter on the screen. This is to ensure no distractions and a cleaner looking Teams app.

Sharing audio from Teams meeting on the web – The new Microsoft Teams update has introduced sharing the systems audio on the web while in a meeting. This is a useful feature for people sharing their desktop or window on the web. People can watch videos with audio without no echo or sync issues.

Anonymous Teams meetings across the clouds – Before the Teams April 2022 update, users that hosted meetings on different clouds couldn’t join the same meeting on the app. Teams would redirect the user to the web experience so that they could join the meeting. However, Teams have updated this feature and users can join meetings in GCC, DOD and GCC-High clouds from their desktops.

Updated Presenter Mode – Microsoft Teams have enhanced the presentation mode. The user has the option to either show up on the left or right side when presenting. The presenter can make him or herself as big or small as they like by using the ‘Size’ control.

Automated Music Detection – Teams have previously released an ML-based noise suppression to improve audio in meetings. This would help suppress background noise. Now, Microsoft Teams have a built-in ML-based music detector that blocks out music. When background music is playing the user will get a notification through the app drawer to show the user that music is present. The user will have the option to allow or block out the background music.

Live Caption Support for Virtual Desktops – If you have a VDI and Citrix desktop you are in luck. Teams have updated their app so that users that use VDI for Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix (requires the pre-requisite) can see what is being said through real-time captions.


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