Sim Only

Sim-only plans for businesses have emerged as a cost-effective and flexible solution for staying connected while maximising savings

Sim-Only plans are mobile phone plans that provide a SIM card with data, talk, and text services, but without the handset. Businesses can insert these SIM cards into existing devices, allowing employees to use their smartphones or tablets while benefiting from the services provided by the mobile carrier.

Sim-Only plans typically cost less than traditional mobile phone contracts since they exclude the cost of a new handset. This translates to significant savings for businesses.

Whether you require unlimited data for remote workers or basic talk and text services for administrative staff, there's a plan to suit your requirements.

These mobile plans enable remote work by providing employees with the data and connectivity needed to perform tasks and attend virtual meetings from anywhere.

Mint is your trusted partner in optimising business connectivity with Sim-Only plans.

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