The Testimonial

“The difference is Night and Day! MINT’s team are only ever a quick phone call away, but in the time we’ve been using Teams as our main calling service, we’ve had great feedback from staff and clients alike, without a single issue to report. Calls are clearer, voicemail to email has been indispensable and our team is now far better equipped to work from home and we’ve actually been more productive since adopting the service… I would recommend MINT to any business looking to modernise their telephony”

David Sparrow
Managing Director


Blabbermouth Marketing is a Digital Marketing agency that specialises in IT Support and Telecoms businesses. Delivering engaging marketing campaigns for some of the UK’s largest Internet Service Providers, IT Distributors and Wholesale Suppliers, as well as global technology and software vendors.

With such technically minded clients, Blabbermouth’s operations must reflect the specialist knowledge and expertise within its team and client base. Therefore, the communications solution the business leverages must be on par with those of its partners.


For years, Blabbermouth had ‘made-do’ with an adequate VoIP telephony solution. The customer support from the supplier was certainly lacking, with the team sometimes waiting weeks for simple number swaps. Conference calls, especially international ones, regularly dropped connections or became indecipherable, leading to unnecessary frustrations for both the agency and its clients.

Several of Blabbermouth’s clients were early adopters of Microsoft Teams and Blabbermouth wanted to ensure its new communications solution would enable them to work closer with those clients as well.

What’s more, the agency was looking to enhance its flexible and remote working policy to enable staff to work from home and remain just as productive as they were in the office.


MINT took the time to learn about Blabbermouth and the way its team operates, to determine how best MINT could improve their service, visiting Blabbermouth’s office and exploring the workflows and responsibilities of its team members.

After providing Blabbermouth with a range of choices from multiple platforms, adopting Teams and integrating their new VoIP service within Teams, via Direct Calling, was agreed to be the most comprehensive solution that achieved all of Blabbermouth’s goals.

MINT also managed to keep each Blabbermouth team member’s previous Direct Dial numbers and transfer them onto the Teams platform, meaning clients didn’t have to change contact details, and staff could now be reached via mobile or computer, whether they were at home or in the office.


Blabbermouth has been able to remove the clutter from all of its existing telephony hardware including desk phones and headsets, which were recycled through MINT’s buy-back programme to help reduce the cost of the new solution.

Now any call to Blabbermouth’s main number circulates to specific team member’s devices, before being pushed to all available staff after an allotted amount of time.

What’s more, Blabbermouth’s team can now work from home, just as they would in the office, with Teams acting as a central communication and file storage platform for their clients’ current projects, enabling far higher levels of collaboration, project management and productivity.

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here's what our other customers have to say


“We were having major problems with our internet phone system, due to poor connectivity on our trading estate. Mint Telecom came up with the perfect solution. We now have a new hosted phone system, assured connectivity and most importantly no call drop outs. Thank you for a fast and professional service.”

Glyn Davies
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Tax Assist (Wolverhampton)

“What a good team! They were very responsive to our needs and provided clear guidance resulting in a great system which enables us to manage our business more efficiently and professionally. No hesitation in recommending them!”

Lloyd Evans
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Scriven & Co

“The provision of a new telephone system and the choice of the right supplier takes a considerable amount of time. Having previously appointed one of the well-known names and been very disappointed with the equipment not living up to the promises made by the supplier, a terrible installation experience and poor level of staff training, we decided to source a different supplier. Mint Telecom were excellent in every respect. Advice on the telephone equipment, a trouble free installation, staff training, integration with our computer system and in particular Outlook was first class. A company that was relatively new was trusted with our order, they in return gave incredible attention to detail and a seamless transfer from old to new. The service to date has been exceptional and nothing has been too much trouble. I would recommend this company”.

Martin Scriven
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"It was good working with Mint, we had a number of stages and each time we had a question or set a deadline they've been there or got in beforehand. And we explained to Mint that there was a clear timeframe and due to our seasonality we had certain targets we had to meet and due to Mint, we actually exceeded those targets".

Richard Lewis
IT Director
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