Tax Assist (Wolverhampton)

The Testimonial

“What a good team! They were very responsive to our needs and provided clear guidance resulting in a great system which enables us to manage our business more efficiently and professionally. No hesitation in recommending them!”

Lloyd Evans


Having recently taken over the ownership of the Wolverhampton TaxAssist office Lloyd Evans contacted Mint Telecom to recommend a way forward for their telephony solution. They were using a pair of traditional cordless phones that would be passed from staff member to staff member which meant that the customer experience was not as he would have liked.


Mint Telecom recommended upgrading to Fibre Optic Broadband which would provide sufficient bandwidth for VoIP calls as well as improving access to their cloud hosted desktop where staff do the majority of their work.

Phone sockets and routers were moved to a more suitable location in the office out of sight and more importantly away from harm. Additional cabling work was carried out to achieve this.

Finally, a Horizon hosted phone system was installed allowing for increased functionality such as music on hold and buttons to easily transfer calls between staff members.


The system provided scale up and out across various locations. We felt that this was prefect as Lloyd was already exploring the possibilities of opening more offices across the local area in the near future.

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here's what our other customers have to say


“The difference is Night and Day! MINT’s team are only ever a quick phone call away, but in the time we’ve been using Teams as our main calling service, we’ve had great feedback from staff and clients alike, without a single issue to report. Calls are clearer, voicemail to email has been indispensable and our team is now far better equipped to work from home and we’ve actually been more productive since adopting the service… I would recommend MINT to any business looking to modernise their telephony”

David Sparrow
Managing Director
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“We were having major problems with our internet phone system, due to poor connectivity on our trading estate. Mint Telecom came up with the perfect solution. We now have a new hosted phone system, assured connectivity and most importantly no call drop outs. Thank you for a fast and professional service.”

Glyn Davies
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Scriven & Co

“The provision of a new telephone system and the choice of the right supplier takes a considerable amount of time. Having previously appointed one of the well-known names and been very disappointed with the equipment not living up to the promises made by the supplier, a terrible installation experience and poor level of staff training, we decided to source a different supplier. Mint Telecom were excellent in every respect. Advice on the telephone equipment, a trouble free installation, staff training, integration with our computer system and in particular Outlook was first class. A company that was relatively new was trusted with our order, they in return gave incredible attention to detail and a seamless transfer from old to new. The service to date has been exceptional and nothing has been too much trouble. I would recommend this company”.

Martin Scriven
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“From the time we engaged with Mint we’ve been impressed with all aspects of their managed service. Some quite serious internal changes were made with minimal disruption. The certification and IT documentation provide has allowed us to go and win new business. Our headcount has shot up from 23 to 30 in the last few months and again, Mint have been there every step of the way to provide the right kit for our new staff. Finally, the day to day support from the helpdesk is responsive and efficient. I’d certainly recommend Mint Technology to anyone, and we have in fact done so.”

David Salisbury
Managing Director
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